Lazy Day Makeup

Hey there,

Sorry it’s been a while I know. But I’m back now!

So girls (and boys), I’m guessing I’m not the only one who loves to do random makeup seshes for absolutely no reason, when I’m going absolutely nowhere, on a random day, while I have a large pile of homework staring me in the face. Do the homework and stay on top of school? No thank you. Do my makeup and then parade around my house in it or even take my dog for a walk? YES PLEASE!

A couple of weeks ago it was one of those days: It was a Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and my dreaded homework sat untouched in my bag where I’d chucked it at the end of my bed as soon as I’d arrived home from school. As you can probably guess, I left the homework where it was and headed instead for my small and basic makeup bag. I don’t have much makeup and can’t really be bothered to buy more so instead I waited silently in my room until my sister left the house then made a beeline for her makeup (please don’t tell her, I’m bagging on her not reading this – pray for me if she does).

Now let’s talk about this particular makeup look I did on this uneventful Sunday, whilst still in my pyjamas. Okay, I’m ashamed to say it but I’m not one of those free souls who can just grab their makeup and without any guidance create a stunning, creative look. I can’t just snatch this colour and that colour and wack it on my eyes and blend this and that and look amazing. So instead I watch tutorials and do my makeup along with them: they do their highlight, I do my highlight. Magic. And on this particular day my aim was to conquer the almost impossible eyeliner. Now, I CANNOT do eyeliner. I just can’t. My hand wobbles and the next thing I know I’ve drawn a thick black line halfway up my eyelid, smack into my eyebrow. Not a look I’d go for, trust me. But today was a special day, the eyeliner fairy must have been watching over me because I did it! I DID EYELINER. And I did it well and evenly, if I do say so myself.


I wanted to practise doing a full face of makeup and so with this in mind I turned to one of the biggest make up queens of all time: James Charles. I followed his video step by step using my cheap supermarket make up while he used his million dollar makeup, making one exception: he did a flaming red eye whilst I opted instead for a more icy, pinky – purple look. I won’t even lie and say this look took less than an hour. Because it did not. It took almost a whole day while I smudged and redid, went wrong and redid again and so on. I went wrong SO MANY TIMES. But I must say, despite that I was proud of the end result and shocked I’d even managed eyeliner.

Does anyone else do their make up on a lazy day, and you’re happy with it and think ‘Perfect, I can do this for the party tomorrow then’? Then, the party comes around, you’re getting ready, you attempt to do the makeup and it all goes horribly wrong. Suddenly you forget how to even put mascara on (an exaggeration but it’s necessary in proving my point hehe). Well this look was one of those looks. I’ve not been able to recreate it since and as for eyeliner, I’ve just gone back to drawing it halfway up my eyelid.

Wow I hope I’m not the only one.

This was the final result:


Well thank you if you made it all the way to here, through all my rambling – I appreciate you. I hope at least some of you can relate to me hehe.

Until next time,



Hello, It’s me


Hey there kiddos,

I’m Cordelia (or if you prefer, Cordelilala) and as you can probably see, I’m new to this whole blogging business (so be kind, k?). I’m here to talk about my interest in fashion, especially styling and fashion journalism, and just about anything I feel like sharing with anyone who takes the time to read this.

So firstly, you may want to know a little bit about me. I’m Cordelia (yep, just like the girl in Shakespeare’s famous play ‘King Lear’) and I’m a student with a passion for fashion (It rhymes!). I adore bright, bold colours and think they stand as a large part of the future of fashion as well as vintage clothing which, of course, is a classic.

‘Have you always been interested in fashion?’ you may ask, and the truth is, I haven’t. In fact for a large part of my life my fashion sense or ‘style’ (if you could even call it that) was pretty bad… Or maybe a better word would be boring. Both really. Anyhow, a classic outfit (they hardly varied) from younger Cordelia would be a fading orange zip up hoody (zipped up all the way of course), baggy skinny jeans (ouch), a blue and white striped T-shirt and too large, once upon a time white trainers which stretched out far too long, giving younger me a sort of dull, clownish look. My hair would always be tied back in one simple messy plait and probably the most exciting thing I wore in that period would be my collection of neon socks which I seemed to think would ‘spice up’ any outfit. Oh little me, how sweet you were. Then suddenly things started to change for me when I made my first ‘bold’ step into fashion by getting a gorgeous pair of cherry red, soft leather Doctor Martens which I still treasure dearly. My confidence started to gradually grow and finally I began to experiment more with what I wore. So that’s it I guess, that’s how I became a slightly more interesting version of my childish self.


Heading back into the present, you might recall that I previously mentioned specific areas of fashion that I’m interested in- Fashion Journalism and Fashion Styling. Why? A simple answer is: my passions lie within clothes and the exciting and different ways you can style them and English as it allows you to express yourself freely in so many ways. Both these things excite me and that’s partly why I’m here, so I can explore them.


And that’s it, my first blog post EVER.

Thank you so much if you made it through and I will be back very soon to share more.

Bye bye now,