My Last Summer Colours

Hello angels,

How are you all getting along with all the sudden new starts: school (heeeellllppppp!!!), autumn on it’s way and an overload of work (yuck).

This week I would like you to meet my last crazy summer colours combo: acidic lime green, baby rose pink and lemon yellow (cos let’s finish this season with a bang, right?). I based these three colours around the clothing brand The Ragged Priest, creating a mood board to express the excitement I feel surrounding them both. I think the combination of these three bright, bold colours with the modern approach to old classics that the Ragged Priest takes on, brings a fun side to everyday wear. Colours can be the perfect way of expressing yourself or your mood. These ones scream ENERGETIC and BOLD! And that’s why I love them.


The mood board I’ve created (see below) is a selection of images I’ve taken from bloggers I like who love to work with bright colours (like meeeee) which I’ve found on their Instagram pages.

20180916_103359 (2).jpg

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very short post and I’ll be back soon to share more 🙂

Bye bye now,






Hello, It’s me


Hey there kiddos,

I’m Cordelia (or if you prefer, Cordelilala) and as you can probably see, I’m new to this whole blogging business (so be kind, k?). I’m here to talk about my interest in fashion, especially styling and fashion journalism, and just about anything I feel like sharing with anyone who takes the time to read this.

So firstly, you may want to know a little bit about me. I’m Cordelia (yep, just like the girl in Shakespeare’s famous play ‘King Lear’) and I’m a student with a passion for fashion (It rhymes!). I adore bright, bold colours and think they stand as a large part of the future of fashion as well as vintage clothing which, of course, is a classic.

‘Have you always been interested in fashion?’ you may ask, and the truth is, I haven’t. In fact for a large part of my life my fashion sense or ‘style’ (if you could even call it that) was pretty bad… Or maybe a better word would be boring. Both really. Anyhow, a classic outfit (they hardly varied) from younger Cordelia would be a fading orange zip up hoody (zipped up all the way of course), baggy skinny jeans (ouch), a blue and white striped T-shirt and too large, once upon a time white trainers which stretched out far too long, giving younger me a sort of dull, clownish look. My hair would always be tied back in one simple messy plait and probably the most exciting thing I wore in that period would be my collection of neon socks which I seemed to think would ‘spice up’ any outfit. Oh little me, how sweet you were. Then suddenly things started to change for me when I made my first ‘bold’ step into fashion by getting a gorgeous pair of cherry red, soft leather Doctor Martens which I still treasure dearly. My confidence started to gradually grow and finally I began to experiment more with what I wore. So that’s it I guess, that’s how I became a slightly more interesting version of my childish self.


Heading back into the present, you might recall that I previously mentioned specific areas of fashion that I’m interested in- Fashion Journalism and Fashion Styling. Why? A simple answer is: my passions lie within clothes and the exciting and different ways you can style them and English as it allows you to express yourself freely in so many ways. Both these things excite me and that’s partly why I’m here, so I can explore them.


And that’s it, my first blog post EVER.

Thank you so much if you made it through and I will be back very soon to share more.

Bye bye now,