My Last Summer Colours

Hello angels,

How are you all getting along with all the sudden new starts: school (heeeellllppppp!!!), autumn on it’s way and an overload of work (yuck).

This week I would like you to meet my last crazy summer colours combo: acidic lime green, baby rose pink and lemon yellow (cos let’s finish this season with a bang, right?). I based these three colours around the clothing brand The Ragged Priest, creating a mood board to express the excitement I feel surrounding them both. I think the combination of these three bright, bold colours with the modern approach to old classics that the Ragged Priest takes on, brings a fun side to everyday wear. Colours can be the perfect way of expressing yourself or your mood. These ones scream ENERGETIC and BOLD! And that’s why I love them.


The mood board I’ve created (see below) is a selection of images I’ve taken from bloggers I like who love to work with bright colours (like meeeee) which I’ve found on their Instagram pages.

20180916_103359 (2).jpg

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very short post and I’ll be back soon to share more 🙂

Bye bye now,






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