The creation of Nomade, my experience at LCF

Hiya there,


I’m here once again, back to share more, sitting in front of my computer screen on this mild, cloudy day in late August, armed with the perfect tools to get writing: a large mug of Yorkshire Tea (only the best tea EVERRR btw) and a large slice of lemon meringue pie (*licks lips* yum).

“Welcome to Nomade, a brand which takes sustainable fashion and living seriously, through luxurious, handwoven knitwear and faux fur coats to sweet smelling, nourishing hand creams and scented candles, all of which are organic and handmade with love. Our Pop-up shop is presented in a large canvas bell tent-“……..Hold up, what’s this? Wait, I’m about to tell you.


So to explain this, let’s head back to a few weeks ago, before I’d started my blog, I attended a short course in my summer holiday, at the London College of Fashion (LCF)- Introduction to the Fashion Industry, which lasted for five days solid. I chose this course as my birthday present after hearing good reviews of the college from a friend. As you will know after reading my first post, my interests lie strongly within fashion; this course seemed the perfect way to review the whole of the fashion industry in a simplified way (or most of it anyway). Which it was. It was great. During the course, me and a group of other students experienced short lectures and took part in group projects, one of which was to ‘Create a concept for a pop-up shop in Selfridges, focusing on an autumn/winter collection’. Easy? Nah. Fun and exciting? Yes, that’s more like it.


My group of five came up with the idea of creating a pop-up shop which sold organic, natural, handmade products such as knitted jumpers, blankets, cushions, scented candles, hand creams and lip balms etc. We decided to present our pop-up shop in no ordinary way…..a large canvas bell tent -as a pop-up shop is always on the go and following this theme we decided to name our brand Nomade.

We then created our Customer Profile. To put it in basic form, this is an example of what we expect our customer to be like. Meet Julia (tah-dah!):


To visualise our concept we created a pin board on Pinterest, which solidified the mood we wanted our customers to feel on entering the tent.

You can find the link here:



Following on from that, I wrote a description of the tent and what it would feel like on entering:

‘Sitting alongside tall stands of carefully spaced Gucci and Fendi bags is a large, round, cream coloured canvas bell tent. The exterior of the tent is sleek and smooth with clean, sharp edges; a single flap flutters in the breeze which slips in through the immaculate open glass doors of Selfridges, lightly tugging at it’s surroundings.

As you walk towards the tent you catch a glimpse of the inside: a flash of orange light, draping sheepskins- warm and cosy. Your feet crunch over dried leaves of reds and browns as you follow the pathway leading to the door. A single wisp of incense escapes the confinements of the tent and breaks free, gliding slowly towards you, filling your nostrils with the sweet and spicy smell of herbs. Pulling back the flap of the door, your senses are at once awakened: a warm golden glow seeps from rings of fairylights which are delicately strung around the interior of the space, creating soft shadows which dance along the tent walls, picking up the warm, woody fragrance of the burning red embers which lie clinging to each other in the rough, wrought iron fireplace. The floor is lined with soft Moroccan rugs in deep reds and flowing greys; tall, plush sofas draped with warm, snug sheepskins. Large wooden tables covered in baskets are heaped with nourishing hand creams and sweet smelling, moisturizing lip balms.’

I hope I have successfully created an image of our ‘brand’ Nomade (which doesn’t really exist of course) and that you have enjoyed this very long post (hehe).

Thank you lovelies.

Bye bye now,


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